Automatically Add New and Used Car Inventory on Facebook

The setup process is simple! All you need is a Facebook Page. Works with or without the Car Dealer Chatbot!

Facebook Inventory Tab Generates Sales Leads - Live Demo View Images

The Vehicle Inventory Tab showcases all of your Dealer's Inventory on Facebook, with or without the Car Dealer Chatbot. The setup process is simple! All you need is a Facebook Page. We'll import your dealer's vehicle inventory hourly and showcase it on your Facebook accessible via the -- Vehicle Inventory -- tab located at the top left of your Facebook page. We'll complete the inventory import process and connection to your Facebook Page within a few hours!

Showcase Your Dealership's Vehicle Inventory on your Facebook Page

We import your dealership's vehicle inventory once an hour and list it on Facebook Page.

With more than 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users and 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook Messenger users, we do all of the heavy liftings by providing an all-inclusive automated solution for your Facebook page traffic. The Car Dealer Chatbot funnels all clicks generated from your Vehicle Inventory listings into a quick test drive scheduling routine. Upon completion of the test drive routine, the answers to three simple questions pre-qualify your leads. This soft credit pull is instant, and the inquiry does not affect your leads' credit score! For Dealers who do not have a Car Dealer Chatbot, these links forward to VDP URLs, Credit Application Links, and other pages on your Car Dealership's website.

User-Friendly Facebook Vehicle Inventory Tab in 14 Languages

The Facebook Inventory Tab now translates perfectly and automatically to the following 28 languages:

Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, Bosnian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Turkish.

Our system sets the application language to your Facebook language automatically.

Automated Test Drive Funnel

All Facebook Inventory Tab Test Drive clicks are funneled into a test drive routine.

Facebook users that interact with the Inventory Tab can Favorite a vehicle, schedule a test drive, and complete a credit application without leaving your Facebook business page. The Test Drive routine funnels all Leads into a 700 Credit soft-pull. This unique routine asks only a few questions and prequalifies all leads 24 hours a day! This soft credit pull doesn't affect their credit score and gives a full credit report within seconds. The Test Drive request, along with the leads' credit score, syncs instantly with your CRM through the ADF-XML formatted emailer.

Three-Question Pre-Qualification Soft Credit Check

Our unique prequalification routine asks your lead three simple questions:

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What is your home address?
  3. What is your phone number?

Once your lead answers these questions, we send this information via API to 700 credit. This routine is called a soft credit pull and takes one second to retrieve your leads full credit report. This routine is unique to the Car Dealer Chatbot as we are the first Chatbot to offer the 700 credit routine through the Facebook Messenger.

Text Alerts To Sales Team

Car Dealer Chatbot Clients Only - All Sales Staff Members Receive Text Alerts Instantly.

You can have text alerts sent directly to your staff members the moment someone schedules a test drive or submits a credit application along with many more options. Text alerts allow your sales team to respond quickly and confirm the test drive request. All text alert messages are customizable within the control panel. All text alerts are sent to your sales staff instantly when leads generate. Did you know responding within five minutes of inbound leads increases the closing ratio by upwards of nine times?

ADF-XML Email Export To Dealer CRM

Car Dealer Chabot Clients Only - All Leads Are Emailed To Dealer Client Relation Management Portal.

Our ADF-XML formatted email routine compiles the necessary data points from the user, the Find My Car routine, the Sell My Car, the Test Drive routine, or the soft credit pull and sends them to your CRM. Our Car Dealer Chatbot sends all leads automatically to your Car Dealership Client Relation Management Portal.